Helping writers to get it right

Write to Right – at this event members of The Writer’s Club – a club run by Director’s Cut for emerging playwrights – share their early work in a series of rehearsed readings. There is no set brief, writers have the freedom to write what they choose and Director’s Cut will ensure their work is shown.

These plays are presented in front of an audience who give their feedback during a live Q&A session following the show, along with the director and cast. These events are heavily attended by our enthusiastic artistic community who contribute valuable feedback in a supportive environment.

Write to Right is a free event.

To attend the event, email us @[email protected] for your FREE ticket.

Go HERE for more information.

Write to Right is on Monday 11th July, Monday 17th July and Tuesday 18th July at 7pm at Park Theatre.  The programme for each day will be uploaded here on the day.

Write to Right

Helping Writers Get It Right

Rehearsed readings of a selection of short plays written, directed 

and performed by members of  The Writers Club, The Director’s Club and The Actors Club.

Produced by Director’s Cut Theatre Company.


Tuesday 11th July  2023, 7pm

Morris Space,Park Theatre


Bedford For The Night by Josh Anderson-Grey

Director- James Weisz

Cast- Brella Drummond. Juan Echenique

Stage Directions- Gabrielle Gardner


Odds On. Odds Off. by Lydia Cashman

Director- Samuel Tannenbaum

Cast- Blair McAlpine, Giorgia Asperti, Matt Vickery, Tom Green, Ed Whately-Smith, Anya Sayadian 

Stage Directions- Anya Sayadian


Lady Mary And The Speckled Monster by Meryl Walker

Director- Kevin Russell

Cast- Nadine Wild-Palmer, Andrew Sherman, Juan Echenique, Anne Hayward, Lydia Cashman

Stage Directions- Lydia Cashman


Full Circle by Rosalie Evans

Director- Blair McAlpine

Cast- Jan van der Black, Carly Kerr, Anya Sayadian

Stage Directions- Eliza Williams




The Cabin by Robert Emlyn Slater

Director- Kevin Russell

Cast- Andrew Sherman, Jessica O’Toole, Lydia Cashman, Daniel Brindley

Stage Directions- Matt Vickery


The Gathering by Claire Narinesingh (Kirrage)

Director- Blair McAlpine

Cast- Sarah Wanendeya, Barbara Mariposa  Samantha Loxley, Eliza Williams, Matt Vickery, Jan van der Black, Keith Hill

Stage Directions- Jessica O’Toole


Tuesday And Nothing But Tuesday by Brad Sutherland

Director- James Weisz

Cast- Brella Drummond, Gabrielle Gardner

Stage Directions- Nadine Wild-Palmer


Boundaries by Charles Mcpherson

Director- Lavan Jeryarupalingam

Cast- Dominic Farrow, Matt Vickery

Stage Directions- Juan Echenique





11th, 17th and 18th July 2023 at Park Theatre

Park Theatre - 11th, 17th and 18th July

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