Director’s Cut is more than a theatre company,
it’s a movement.

Director’s Cut is an adventurous, open, imaginative and experimental theatre company, telling stories and providing a space for artists to come together to explore art, life, questions and quests, expanding and developing their craft and creativity, and being connected, inspired and supported in their artistic journey.

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  • Make The Cut

    Make The Cut is the hottest competition for actors and writers seeking an opportunity and a platform to showcase their talents.

  • Pitch a Play

    An Arty Party for the lovers and the living

  • Write to Right

    Helping Writers to get it right

Connection and collaboration.
We’re coming together as artists,
designing our own creative path,
sharing an experience,
sharing a journey.

Meet our founder, Artistic Director Heather Ward

”The journey of the artist, is a life long quest.  There is space for us all and every story.  Let’s find our voice, and connect with the voices of others.  Let’s discover our artistic language, our artistic signature. Director’s Cut is a space to share, to play, to discover, to explore, to learn, to question, to connect, to dream. Let’s share in that journey, together.”

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