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Director’s Cut is more than a theatre company,
it’s a movement.

Director’s Cut is an adventurous, open, imaginative and experimental theatre company, telling stories and providing a space for artists to come together to explore art, life, questions and quests, expanding and developing their craft and creativity, and being connected, inspired and supported in their artistic journey.

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    Make The Cut is the hottest competition for actors and writers seeking an opportunity and a platform to showcase their talents.

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    An Arty Party for the lovers and the living

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    Helping Writers to get it right

Connection and collaboration.
We’re coming together as artists,
designing our own creative path,
sharing an experience,
sharing a journey.

Meet our founder, Artistic Director Heather Ward

”The journey of the artist, is a life long quest.  There is space for us all and every story.  Let’s find our voice, and connect with the voices of others.  Let’s discover our artistic language, our artistic signature. Director’s Cut is a space to share, to play, to discover, to explore, to learn, to question, to connect, to dream. Let’s share in that journey, together.”

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Friday 9th April @ 7pm

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Art from the Heart is an evening of short stories by artists, sharing their art through their heart. Funny, dark and poetic.  Stories told are based in truth, from personal experiences, to meaningful messages, questions and provocations, we share themes of our human experience; the inspiration behind all creation and story-telling.

All pieces created and shared are by members of our professional artistic community – The Directors Club, The Actors Club and The Writers Club. Produced by Director’s Cut Theatre Company –

Digital art is created by Lazaros Pasdekis.

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We are incredibly excited to announce that Director’s Cut Theatre Company (based in UK) have received funding from The Asia - Europe foundation (ASEF) to work in collaboration with @readings_in_the_shed (based in Mumbai) to produce a film inspired by distance and climate change.

6 artists in our team will be funded to collaborate and we are one of 15 chosen for the grant out of 323 applications across Asia and Europe.

6 artists from various disciplines will come together through words, paint, music and movement, to explore what it means to be apart and together at the same time, bringing in research from our cultures and communities.

From UK we have producer/director Heather Ward, actor/writer Eliza Williams and digital artist Lazaros Pasdekis. From Mumbai we have actor/director Nikhil Katara, writer Himali Kothari, and sound engineer Varun Gupta.

The ASEF aims to enable cultural professionals in Asia and Europe to participate in activities that would benefit professional development and encourage positive contributions to society.

We are very excited to be working together and will be introducing the team to you over the coming week and sharing how our project is going over the next couple of months! Here is a picture of our first introduction meeting! Such a fantastic team of artists and we cannot wait to start this journey together!

Happy World Theatre Day! This picture is of our last rehearsal a year ago for our show Art from the Heart. It was taken at the start of the rehearsal while everyone is arriving, with our Artistic Director Heather Ward giving notes to the cast in those exciting moments before the magic of putting everything together begins; lighting, sound, transitions, cues. It was the night before the theatres closed, taken at our home @swkplay that we miss so dearly. We are so grateful for our incredible artistic community that have strived on throughout the pandemic working with us online. You are amazing, and we WILL be back, soon, with many stories to tell. Love and light sent to you all. #happyworldtheatreday ...

A year ago so many things in our lives changed. We pause today to think of all the people who have suffered loss.

It has been so tough but there is light and hope to come. ❤

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Thank you so much to everyone who took part tonight. It was a fantastic evening. Join us again on Friday for more! #writetoright

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Happy International Women’s Day! Our Artistic Director Heather Ward founded Director’s Cut Theatre Company almost 6 years ago. Her working class roots gave her insight and experience of the inaccessibility of building a career in the arts industry due to financial pressures and with tremendous determination, graft and sacrifice, propelled her to strive, carve and create a vibrant artistic life and accessible arts opportunities for others. She’s given a platform to over 1000 artists and over 1000 stories (plays & films) since the birth of DCTC, created a thriving theatre company and community, and has inspired and transformed the artistic paths and lives of many. Happy International Women’s day to all women and female entrepreneurs! And a big thank you to our all female team - the women behind the magic here at DCTC! - Heather Ward, Bea Ward, Caroline Ward, Saskia Van’t Hoff, Yarit Dor, Tabitha Wells & Katy Jones-Hawke! ...

We’re starting term back this week and we’re so excited to welcome back members and welcome in new ones, we’re going to be doing some great things with our incredible community! We’re about to enter 8 weeks of workshops, play readings and film making! Let’s do this! (Picture throwback from our 2020 show #Artfromtheheart @swkplay)

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You’re right there @harriclaremain We do have a good laugh here at DCTC whilst we’re developing our craft and sharing a journey together! We’re so glad that not only have so many members who worked with us when we were running workshops in person, have stayed with us throughout the pandemic, but also that new members who have only ever experienced working with us since we moved online are now enrolling for their third term! That makes us feel proud, and that we must be doing something worthwhile. Thank you community for loving what we are doing. Today we start our new term and we are super excited to welcome back our returning members and welcome in our new ones!

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It’s almost time for us to start our next chapter together with our actors, writers, directors and producers... Sharing another magical journey, taking a step into the spotlight with our ideas and goals, as individuals, and as a community. It’s not too late to #JoinTheClub We start next week though so be quick! You can reach us at or fill in one of our online forms (link in bio). Picture throwback to our 2019 show ‘Home’ @swkplay

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So many of our members find long lasting creative partners and collaborators, those who excite and inspire them to create together. It’s easy to find that here at Directors Cut because not only do we have an incredible talent base sourced by our Artistic Director Heather Ward & team through hours of auditions, script reading and applications, we match you on so many projects with different artists that you get a wide range of opportunities to discover who ignites that spark in you and your work. And when you find that connection, it really is magical. #jointheclub ...

We are sending everyone a big squeeze! This photo was taken @swkplay for our 2019 show #Home which told the stories of many different peoples ideas of what home was to them. We’re so missing our home in this amazing theatre and being together in person with our artistic community, BUT we are keeping our chin up as we do have some solid things to feel grateful for - we’re still together and we’ve been producing more work than ever before - the virtual world has not only allowed us to continue developing plays but we’ve moved into making films, we’ve launched an incredible online artists hub and we’ve shared this last year finding our allies, building and bonding and growing stronger. We at Directors Cut feel incredibly lucky for our wonderful community and are sending you all the biggest hug right now! Looking forward to the start of next term next week where we’ll be throwing ourselves into 8 weeks of inspiration, workshops, plays & film making #jointheclub ...

We work with some of the most promising writers in the UK, who are guided, provoked and inspired each week with challenges and exercises created by our Artistic Director Heather Ward. They are then teamed up with our incredible directors from emerging directors to BAFTA winning ones, as well our outstanding bunch of professional actors. There is no community quite like this one. And you can learn that yourself by joining us! We’re currently OPEN for new members - but be quick as places are limited and we start next week! #jointheclub link in bio! ...

We’re getting physical! Music and movement has always been a driving force in many of our workshops when we were meeting in person, run by our Artistic Director Heather Ward who is passionate about freeing the body and experimenting with it to see what creativity is unlocked when we change our energy and tune into the body. We’ll not be letting a lockdown get in our way of this important work. As well as script work, next term we’ll be moving in our home spaces and in our bodies, using this work to become more connected to our body and for character development, and we can’t wait to take you on this journey. #jointheclub Picture throwback to #artfromtheheart at @swkplay 2019 ...

At Director's Cut Theatre Company our actors in The Actors Club have worked with multi award winning directors and producers of film and theatre after getting to work with members from The Directors Club in our projects. Many plays and films brought to the stage and screen started with artists meeting within our community. See what @sharonfacinelli has to say about her experience! Thank you Sharon! #jointheclub ...

Throwback to one of our fave shows #ArtfromtheHeart at @swkplay - a show we introduced that invites our artists to create and share their art from their heart. From new writing to physical theatre to original music and song to a live artist painting onstage throughout the show, we had more and all sorts of different artistic mediums. The situation now with theatres being closed may mean we can’t do the things we love in the way we usually do them, but perhaps there are windows of opportunity for you to share your artistic ideas and creations in a different way now if you direct your energies there, perhaps a way that wouldn’t be possible if we were working together on a stage. Take @actor_marina centre stage here for example who last year created a solo movement piece on an aerial filmed with a drone for our online #artfromtheheart (which you can find on our YouTube channel - Directors Cut Theatre Company). We’re so proud of our members and the way they have adapted and embraced the current challenges covid has brought us. Everyone is unique and has a story to tell, so we invite you today to think about what yours might be and the many different ways you could share it #artfromtheheart ...

Thank you @kmcl1969 A long standing member of Director's Cut Theatre Company. We work with our current members who stay with us term after term, year after year, we welcome in new people each term and welcome back alumni! A solid community consistently evolving. We have some great people returning this term who were with us years ago! If you want to be with us too, you know where we are! Here and going strong! And there’s still time to sign up for our spring term starting Feb! Contact More details: #jointheclub ...

JOIN US! We’re open for new members to start with us Feb 2021!Our incredible community of professional #actors #directors #writers & #producers have been VERY busy this year, doubling their networks and working on plays and films! Want to join?! More info: ...


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