Could you be the new face of Make The Cut?

We are looking for a presenter to present Make The Cut on Thursday 29th September at Pleasance Theatre.

Presenters will be introducing the actors and writers taking part in Make The Cut, and will also have an opportunity to keep the audience entertained while the industry panel decide on the winners of the competition.  We are looking for a presenter to bring forward ideas for what they will do with the audience during this 10-15 minute window, perhaps play games or do some stand up comedy.  We are open to ideas!

The successful presenter will be required to attend a rehearsal during the day on 29th September and present in the evening.

Presenters will be paid a daily rate of £200.  To apply to audition to present please send your CV, presenting showreel and ideas to [email protected] F.A.O. Heather Ward, by Sunday 10th September. 

We are interested in hearing from double acts if you would like to apply as a pair, as well as individual presenters.

More info on Make The Cut can be found HERE

”Such a fantastic event to have been created, really enjoyable evening.” Giacomo Palazzo (Independent Talent Agency)

”Brilliantly organised and a great idea!” Camilla Young (Curtis Brown Literary Agency)

”Such a very good evening with an extremely high standard all round. The evening was incredibly well run and put together.” Irene Cotton (CDG)

”I found the whole experience really quite moving. Great writing and great actors.” Guy Rose (Futerman, Rose & Associates)

”One of the best showcases for writers I have ever been to. Just what the industry needs, emerging talent showing the raw edge of theatre.” Shane Collins (Shane Collins Associates)


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Director’s Cut runs an internship programme for those who would like to gain experience within a theatre company, as well as recent graduates or university students.

We offer internships for:



Working hours differ depending on the project in hand and the specific role but there is flexibility and hours will be discussed prior to commencement of internships.  Some roles will occasionally require the intern to work during unsociable hours such as evenings and weekends.

Candidates should have a keen interest in theatre and be enthusiastic and reliable.  Basic Microsoft Office skills are preferable for some roles. Please note that the internships are currently unpaid.

To apply please submit the form:

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