Free. Freedom. What is that? We are told we are free, we believe we are free, but… are we? Are you?

Contracts, commitments, relationships, addictions, routines, social conditioning, our ideals and worries for the future… our past… Do we dream of a different life? Are we listening to and acting on those questions, those doubts that play on our mind, or those wondering thoughts, ideas and aspirations that could take us in a different direction? Are we brave enough to break away from the chains that constrain us and oppress us? Do we even recognise those chains? Living in a western world of opportunity and freedom, are we really, truly… free? Can we set ourselves free? Would we know what that felt like? What does freedom even mean? And is it even possible?

Free is a play about recognition, strength and bravery… or is it? Will you be able to recognise, what it is… that you need to do?

The Director’s Club present Free, The Director’s Club Showcase, produced by Director’s Cut Theatre Company in partnership with Southwark Playhouse. A series of monologues and duologues selected from a large number of entries by new writers who have responded to a unique brief set by the company.

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