“There is so much to give to and to learn from each other.  Lets share our cultures, countries, perspectives, histories, stories and desires. What can a group of artists do when they are connected across the world?…

We start here, today, now, with you, with us.”

– Artistic Director, Heather Ward

As from January 2018, Director’s Cut have launched an International Artist Community for artists based in different countries across the world to connect them across waters.  These artists have been personally invited to join the community after working with or having been introduced to Director’s Cut Artistic Director Heather Ward and and are located in Australia, America, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Austria, Spain, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, Brazil, London and Switzerland.


As part of the International Artist Community, artists are connected with other artists based in different countries, and act as a friendly representative in their country for other artists who might like to reach out to them.  This could be for various different reasons, some of which may for example, include research questions for a project, and helpful pointers for other artists who would like some information or recommendations on the artistic scene in their country/city.  Artists may also be invited/linked up with other artists from our London professional artistic community where Directors Cut is based, for various projects/activities that might be of interest.  There is no expectation within the community, only an invitation – all interactions, connections or involvement is completely optional, but the opportunity is there, to connect and help those who desire to be connected and help others.


As part of the International Artist Community, artists take part in a monthly sharing of expression, in the form of writing or images, or anyway they choose, which is collated and shared across the International Artist Community network, keeping artists expressive and sharing across the world.


Artists are invited to share information on workshops or opportunities they know of happening by organisations where they are based, and ones they have organised themselves in their countries.


Being a part of the International Artist Community is absolutely free.  If you are an artist based in a country outside of the UK and would like to be a part of the international community of artists, please contact [email protected] and provide details of your experience and expression of interest. We can then arrange a meeting or Skype call with our Artistic Director and see how we can help you from there!

*(‘Artist’ – anyone artistic who is creating or dreaming of making art – for theatre, screen or other e.g directors, writers, actors, producers, designers, musicians, dancers, performance artists etc).

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