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Encompass is a scheme launched by Heather Ward, Artistic Director of Directors Cut, supported by Pleasance Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Park Theatre and Rose Kingston. Encompass encompasses New Ideas, Spaces, Experimentation and Work in the North, South, East and West of the London compass.  

Encompass scheme supports artists within the artistic community to connect and make work.  Each week the artistic community are provided with a free rehearsal space in a top London theatre.  Since the launch of Encompass many artists have gone on to produce plays, short films, experiment with workshop ideas and techniques, new forms of theatre making, connecting and collaborating, leading to strong and diverse artistic relationships and experiences, and taking steps forward with their artistic visions and desires.

Encompass is supported by:

North London: Pleasance Theatre, Park Theatre

South London: Southwark Playhouse

East London: Theatre Royal Stratford East

West London: Rose Kingston

Heather and all of the artists in the Directors Cut artistic community would like to give great thanks to these 4 theatres who are changing the lives of many artists, and those who benefit from their work, sharing visions, enabling expression, helping others and providing a spring board for dreams.

We provide the support, the space, the connections and the chance, the rest we leave up to the artist.

If you would like to be a part of Encompass, join our growing artistic community, at The Directors ClubThe Actors ClubThe Writers Club or The Producers Club.

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