The email you wrote, but never sent…

We used to discard our draft letters, scrunch them up, throw them in the fire, toss them in the bin. But as we have evolved to live in a world where we interact through electronic communication, every word, sentence, and thought that we didn’t have the courage to share with others is sitting in our draft folders, saved as a moment in time, never to be revealed…until now.

Drafts exposes a hidden, forgotten world that we’ve chosen not to share, and is compared to the words that we did…

Drafts is The Director’s Club Showcase; a club for theatre directors that focuses on refining their craft and providing a strong support network, hosted by Director’s Cut Theatre Company in partnership with Southwark Playhouse. Drafts is a uniquely constructed event, a mixture of monologues and duologues written by talented writers who have undergone a competitive submission process, and directed by members of The Director’s Club.

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